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What is positive discipline?

It should be unnecessary to use “positive” as an adjective to describe discipline. Sadly, though, negative conditioning and punishment have become synonymous with discipline in many homes, mainly because many of us were raised with punishment and we know no other way to discipline. When children are beaten, they often grow into adults who beat, despite how they hated it themselves.
The origin of the word “discipline” is found in the Latin disciplus, meaning one who learns. So discipline is about learning. Positive discipline empowers and promotes understanding and cooperation.  
Use these 6 steps to guide you towards establishing positive discipline as a culture for learning, at home.
Step 1. Understand your child
The first step involves knowing your child’s temperament.  There are nine temperament types: Activity: Is your child always on the go, or is she relaxed and enjoys taking her own sweet time? Rhythmicity: Is your child regular in his eating and sleeping patterns OR somewhat h…

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